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IF you are dumb enough to decide to apply for work here, say GOODBYE to your family because you will never see them again. You WILL work from sunup to well past sundown.

This schedule does not allow you to have any time with your family or outside interests. You WILL eat live and breathe that company and nothing else. First stop at 7:45 am (even if it is an hour and a half drive time from your home) and last one at 5:30pm. They schedule a stop every hour ON the hour in between.

THAT does not include drive time back to the office in the evening,  or time to prep your vehicle for the next day. Safety training is poor at best. Equipment is poorly maintained. There are never any spare parts for the sprayers because they dont want to spend any money.

I had a very illegal crack in my windshield that was causing the sun to beam right into my eyes for two years. Had several near miss accidents due to that crack in the glass. They refused to fix it until they could put it in their "budget"...that would be the budget of lining their pockets with $.  Good thing I didnt crash!

IF you are lucky enough to have the proper PPE and equipment to begin with. Never had the proper gloves PER the label on the product, so you will have to buy a lot of your own things. The owners have techs spy on each other and report back to them. You will be forced to spray the outside of homes IN bad weather, and in the dark (with a flashlight that YOU have to provide). Spraying in the bad weather and in the dark IS a label violation, and they know it, but they will reprimand you if you don't.

YOU WILL be forced to spray the outside of homes in the dark in winter. The morale is horrible. SIX veteran techs with over 20 years in the industry have been hired and all SIX have quit. There is a reason WHY they are quitting!

IF you are dumb enough to give them a 2 week notice, they WILL treat you like dirt that last 2 weeks. You will also be forced to drive in blizzards. THAT in itself causes the techs AND other drivers safety at very high risk, all in order to get their 80 dollars. Their vehicles break down on a regular basis because they do not have them on a routine maintenance program of any kind.

You are put on a meager salary that is so poor that you may qualify for food stamps. NO benefits are even offered because their excuse is "We don't have to offer any benefits because we have less than 50 employees (slaves)". They are very greedy and just want the money to themselves and NOT invest it in their employees. They schedule you a stop every hour ON the hour with not enough drive time and god help you IF you are late to that next account....if a customer calls wanting to know where you are, and there is a 10 car pileup on the freeway, the owner will tell you that "You should have left sooner".

WTF?....THAT is totally UN-realistic! You WILL work 14 to 15 hour days with NO lunch breaks, and no bathroom breaks rarely IF ever. They tell you to "use a customers bathroom....THAT is totally UNprofessional). They will also tell you that "your breaks are driving between accounts".

That I know for a fact IS illegal but they get away with it. Then IF you are lucky enough to get a lunch break, it is ONLY 30 minutes, (you have to beg for one) the office people will routinely "squeeze" one more account in right on top of that. The office people are NOT to be trusted. For whatever reason, the office people ALWAYS get lunch breaks.

No one ever knows what is going on there. NO communication at all. It is like one big secret. There is A LOT of tension in that office as well.

They will not give you a paystub, and IF you ask for one, they want to know WHY you need one. They DO charge you to do a direct deposit every payday. If you need time to go to a doctors appt, they want to know WHAT it is for. (ummmm, none of their darned business)!

The 2 owners are rarely seen because they are always taking luxury vacations. There is never any recognition for a job well done, BUT if you make ONE mistake, it is your tail in the frying pan. They belittle and scream at their employees, and I personally know of one grown man who they reduced to tears. The morale is terrible.

The owners NEED to invest their profits IN their employees and quit buying million dollar homes and luxury items and vacations for themselves. I do not see a good forecast businesswise for this company.

I am NOT a disgruntled ex employee....I am just trying to keep the next poor slob who becomes a slave there to save his sanity and apply somewhere else. Peace.

Reason of review: bad treatment of techs.

I liked: Customers.

I didn't like: Poor run company, Secretive, No communication, Poor vehicles, No benefits.

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After reading these reviews, I will not do business with a company that allows the workers to be treated badly. I will keep looking.

If the owner lets this behavior and saying mean things about each other go on and on, they are not going to be getting MY business. I am very glad I read the reviews for this place.


There is a chick there named Stacey. she is a horrible person and is always says mean and hateful things about the techs behind their backs.

I walked in one day and caught her talking crap about me. She didn't even apologise and she was not held accountable when I talked to the owners about her bad behaviour. They didn't care. She was also disrespecting the other techs too.

I heard EVERYTHING, and she did not realise that I was in the back office. WHY would any business owner allow that kind of bad mouthing of the other employees by another to happen? Do they not realize that it is very bad for morale? Probaly, but they really don't care.

They NEVER addressed it either, nor that she would wear very inappropriate clothes to work, like tube tops?? In the workplace?

Very unprofessional, she looked like a *** and with as fat as she is it looked terrible. Long as they're making money, thats ALL they care about.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1205428

Thanks for the feedback. I live in Black Forest and was looking to hire a pest control expert.

I will not be calling this company who does not care about values of their employees. It is a shame that employers don't get audited for their bad practices.

Also are they aware that it is illegal to make people work so much over time. I will take my business elsewhere.

to Desha1002 #1205429

I am not sure why it list my location in New Mexico. I live in Colorado Springs and I wrote this in Colorado Springs Smh.

to Desha1002 Aurora, Colorado, United States #1207795

Yes. Theyvare very aware of how many hours they make the employees work.

Theyvput them on a "salary" so they can legally get away with it. Also, the schedule used to be that the techs worked rotating HALF DAYS on Saturdays from mid March thru October for only new accounts. If there were no new accounts scheduled then you didnt have to work that Saturday. Then, greed got in the way and the narcisstic route 'manager' as well as the owners changed all that.

Started making the techs work FULL day Saturdays on their rotating Saturday and they woukd cram their schedule as full as theybcoukd get it. One guy even had to change his plans for taking his little kids to the zoo on a weekend cause that manager manipulated him and guilt tripped him intonworking that Saturday. Another techbwas forced by that same manager to climb up a tree with NO bee suit to eradicate a very large hornets nest. That tech called that "manager" and said it wasn't safe cause he wasnt provided a bee suit.

That 'manager' manipulated the tech into doing that job by making him feel guilty and saying "Isn't there anything you can do?" (in a whiney, manipulating control issue type of approach to management). That tech did climb that tree jeopordizing his safety as well as his life. WHAT IF he had been stung repeatedly and fallen from that tree? Thankfully he didnt.

It was little things like that that makes one wonder about their ethics and complete lack of them. I myself have gone out on my own and I do NOT run MY company like this. Safety of MY techs and MY customers is MY number one priority above everything else. I want to be sure that myvtechs are going home safely at the end of the day and that to me is far more important than any amount of money.

I value my techs as they are not a number in dollar signs to me.

They are people withblives, families and dreams, not a number...Peace. :)

to Anonymous #1333420

So glad to know this about their ways that they run a business. I think I will continue looking for another company and NOT call this place for pest service.

I am glad that you left this place. No business should ever make their employees feel not valued.

to Anonymous #1382653

I was just looking for a company to spray my home. We just moved in and we have a lot of spiders.

If a company treats their people like this, I don't think I want to do business with them.

I will call someone else. This is so bad that they do this to the employees.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1205426

Wow, I will not do business with a company that will not take care of their dedicated employees. Glad I read the reviews before I hired them to spray my property.


I quit that place too! Sorry I went to work there as well.

I found out the service manager was making 50k a year and they still wouldn't buy us health insurance, Greedy people. Sorry I ever worked there, Uggh.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1067789

I do NOT want to be contacted by this company for any reason.

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